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Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is situated at a distance of 96 Km from Mysore in Karnataka. This park, which is also known as "Rajiv Gandhi National Park" is spread over an area of 643 sq Km. The Park was once a hunting reserve of former rulers of Mysore. It was converted into a wildlife sanctuary in 1955 and in 1988 it was declared a National Park. It is located on the bank of Kabini River which also acts as a natural barrier that separates Bandipur and Nagarhole Wildlife sanctuary.

Nagarhole has got its name from two words "Nagar" which means snake and "Hole" which means streams and it is probably given to this sanctuary as there are many streams that crawl through this forest like snakes. This park is full of natural beauty apart from the rich flora and fauna it has. Lush green forests, streams, valleys and cascading waterfalls and many more forms of natural beauty of the park attract a huge number of visitors every year. Nagarhole National Park is also under consideration to be declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Flora and fauna- The flora of Nagarhole National Park is extremely rich and you will find a huge variety of vegetation here. The forests are full of different varieties of trees that include Rosewood, teak, Sandalwood and Silver Oak. Dry deciduous forest includes Termanilia tomentosa, Tectonia grandis, Grewia tilaefolia, Bombax malabaricum and Ficus.

The fauna of this national park includes tigers, gaur, elephants, leopards, wild dogs, striped Hynea, spotted deer, Sambhar, four horned antelopes, brown mongoose and many more varieties of mammals. There are around 270 avian species found in this park which include Nilgiri wood-pigeon, spotted eagle, darters, blue winged parakeets, white bellied treepies, peafowl, green pigeon etc. Huge number of insect species, reptiles and amphibians are also spotted in the Nagarhole National Park.

Activities The main activity here is Elephant Safari. You can explore the jungle and its wildlife while enjoying the elephant ride. You can also go for Jeep Safari and enjoy the marvelous beauty of the nature in this park. Shoot pictures through your camera and take the memories with you in the form of pictures. Bird watching is again a favorite sport that nature lovers enjoy in Nagarhole National Park.

How to reach ? By Air - The nearest domestic airport is located at a distance of 90 km in Mysore. The nearest international airport from Nagarhole is 230 Km far at Bangalore.

By Rail - The nearest railway station is located in Mysore at a distance of 96 km. From this railway station you can easily get trains for other major stations.

By Road - Nagarhole is easily assessable through bus services and you can get both private and the public buses for Nagarhole.

Best time to visit The temperature in Nagarhole National Park is moderate between October and February and that is the ideal time for visiting this national park but summer gives you the best opportunity to spot most of the animals in the park in their natural habitat.